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Remaining Competitive

Staying ahead of the competition via asset tracking.

Against the backdrop of scrutiny from regulators, flat revenue growth, natural disasters and pandemics, it has never been a more important time for Utilities & Power companies to maximize the value of their assets, equipment and infrastructure.

Managing Increased Costs

Manage CapEx with smarter software solutions.

Capital expenditures are increasing year-over-year as aging infrastructure needs to be updated or replaced. To complicate issues, customers still demand that utilities keep costs down while supporting the latest technology. Even if a company is profitable, it can be hard to find the money needed for important infrastructure projects. A disciplined, holistic approach to asset management is increasingly important in controlling CapEx.

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Have Greater Visbility

A complete overview of all of your assets.

To have the right approach requires that Utilities get visibility into the entire spectrum of valuable components across the field, warehouses, power stations and offices. This is done through our software by collecting and integrating large volumes of asset data from all possible sources and reconciling that data against purchase information held by any connected enterprise systems.


Sitehound makes it easy to connect to anything and share data in real-time to any connected ERP or third party system. Here are a few popular integrations below:

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Track anything & everything with our latest, most flexible asset management solution available. 

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Enterprise-level asset management software ready to start tracking assets by the  millions.

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The ultimate asset tracking sidekick. Learn why our Mobility+ app for both iOS & Android is a must-have.

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