As renewable energy becomes a bigger source of what powers our world, our software is here to help monitor the industry's infrastructure.

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A Growing Industry

As the demand for renewable energy continues to rise, so does its ocean of valuable assets.

Renewables are projected to make up over 50% of global generation by 2035. This is propelled by increased electricity demand in civic infrastructure and a shift toward electricity as an energy source in smart vehicles. This higher volume requires renewables businesses to manage a growing ocean of assets while maintaining data accuracy across their expanding portfolio.

Managing Complexity

Our software keeps track of the most complex portfolios with purified and reliable asset data.

Power equipment and infrastructure investments are some of the most complex assets to model due to several factors. For one, electric prices are easily one of the most volatile, making planning build-outs a form of data-driven magic. Secondly, power investments have different local, county, state and federal incentives and depreciation schedules that need to be accounted for. Lastly, the disparate nature of this asset infrastructure makes visibility into the entire universe of critical assets challenging. Finance and operations managers are constantly hampered by only seeing fragments of the big picture, which is the problem our software is here to solve.

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Data Reconciliation

Collecting Accurate Data

Modernize your asset tracking before it's too late.

Due to the heterogeneity in assets between traditional power, solar PV, solar thermal, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass, battery storage, etc., it is possible to capture key operational transaction data at the site level and consolidate that data up at a top level view. This type of asset visibility and analysis can require countless hours of manual audits using antiquated techniques. You cannot survive with antiquated techniques.

Fulcrum's Asset Management Solutions

Providing direct visibility into your infrastructure.

Our products give your renewables business clear visibility into the critical assets that your business runs on. We use any and all asset data input sources for such visibility – ranging from mobile devices, to e-Poll data, to enterprise system information. This data is then reconciled and made available for all operations and finance decision makers to leverage.

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