Professional Services

Here to make asset tracking easier.

Our Professional Services helps facilitate integrations, migration and conversion of data from other source systems. We also assist with configurations and customizations to meet your specific needs. 

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Fulcrum Software Integrations

Integration Services

Connecting our software with external systems.

Our team wants you to have a seamless data management experience. With our powerful middleware solution, we provide you with a comprehensive view of all of your assets and inventory by connecting to any external systems your organization has in-place. We have developed integrations with all major financial ERPs such as SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft. In addition, we integrate with OSS and WMS solutions such as Remedy, Granite, RedPrairie, Manugistics and more.

Data Migration & Conversion

Error-Free data management.

Accurate data is extremely important, especially when you are looking for regulatory or compliance improvements in your organization. In addition to our years of experience automating data reconciliations, we specialize in setting up our electronic polling software to assist in reconciling discoverable data against your organization’s asset data. This prevents inaccuracies in inventory records and an updated Fixed Asset Register (FAR). This real-time, purified view can then be distributed to any connected ERP system.

Fulcrum Data Migration
Fulcrum Software Customization

Custom Solutions

Configure & customize our software.

We understand that not every business and industry are built the same, meaning custom software solutions are a necessity in order to work efficiently for organizations. That’s why we have purposely designed our software adaptable to meet your specific needs via built-in configurations and customizations. Here at Fulcrum, we believe that every business needs to take better care of their stuff through asset management, so we designed software that works for everyone.

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