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Configure our asset software solutions to help you scan and track any asset at your Oil & Gas facilities.

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Mobile Scanning Solutions

Scan & Track Instantly

Scan 1D, 2D, and Micro PDF barcodes.

Our software can be configured to let any oil and gas worker scan 1D, 2D, or Micro PDF barcodes on “tagged” assets with the least amount of attempts required, capturing data as it moves throughout its lifecycle. This highly configurable software works on any major scanner or smartphone scanning platform and can be used across drilling rigs, field locations, data centers, back-office areas and warehouses.

Use Cases

Land-based Oil & Gas rigs

Off-Shore drilling rigs

Manufacturing equipment & plants

Power generation plants

Aircraft & Components

Pipeline Related Assets

Oil Drilling
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A Comprehensive Suite

The only asset management tool you'll need.

Our product suite is unique in the fact that it includes comprehensive functionality to support the entire asset lifecycle, from cradle to grave. Whether you are planning, designing or maintaining your assets for your oil and gas enterprise, Fulcrum gives you one version of the truth so you can maximize value realized over the asset lifecycle.



Sitehound makes it easy to connect to anything and share data in real-time to any connected ERP or third party system. Here are a few popular integrations below:

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Track anything & everything with our latest, most flexible asset management solution available. 

CenterPoint CATS ALM Software


Enterprise-level asset management software ready to start tracking assets by the  millions.

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The ultimate asset tracking sidekick. Learn why our Mobility+ app for both iOS and Android is a must-have.

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