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The Need for Asset Tracking with ISPs

With more assets comes more responsibility.

Internet service providers have large amounts of physical assets that must be effectively managed to maximize their value. In fact, over 50% of an ISP’s annual capital expenditure is invested in acquiring network assets. These expensive assets combine to make up the network that defines the strength of an ISP’s offering to its customers. 

Maximizing Your ROI

Tracking not just location, but also value.

Managing assets of any kind is not just about location or quantity, but also the value they deliver to your enterprise over the whole of its life. This is more commonly known as the “asset life-cycle”. For ISPs, monitoring an asset throughout its lifecycle is vital when looking to maximize output and save millions on over spending.

Siteline Asset Management

A Holistic Approach for ISPs

Taking a holistic approach to asset acquisition means moving away from the one-off purchase approach that is so often taken. It means an approach which views the acquisition as a multi-step process to be done slowly and properly.

1: Need Identification

An assessment must be made of the types of assets available and what their ROI is. You also must consider if buying, leasing or renting is the better choice based on your needs.

2: Planning

A selected asset is then carefully evaluated for its planned utilization, aka, there is a plan for exactly how the asset will be used and the goals for its utilization.

3: Design

Any modification to the standard design of a given asset are pre-determined, which is often far more cost-effective than after the purchase has already been made.

4: Procurement or Acquisition

The asset is either purchased, leased, or rented and installed, built, delivered to its intended location. This is also the point at which any contractual terms are discussed.

5: Commissioning or Implementation

Some assets may be ready for use upon delivery, while others may need installation or commissioning. The organization must ensure every asset is 100% ready before use.

6: Operation & Maintenance

The asset is in use or operating, and maintained as necessary. Depending on the asset, this phase may take months, years or even decades. For this, there must be a very planned use and maintenance schedule.

7: Repair or Upgrade

It may be possible to repair or modify assets to maintain or increase their value. Warranty management is key to determine the best path for repair, modification or replacement.

8: Decomissioning & Disposal

Once the costs of an asset outweigh its value, they need to be strategically retired and properly disposed of. This should be done in an organized way and overlap with replacement.

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