Field Data Collection

Gain complete visibility into what you have and where it is located, as well as its history and other equipment.

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Track Anything & Everything

Our software is both flexible and scalable.

Companies of all sizes can track and manage work performed in the field for any type of location such as a vehicle, warehouse, depot, hub location, etc. Tracking work is vital as field personnel receive, transfer, install, swap, repair, return and dispose of items.

Asset History

Track your network equipment history throughout its lifecycle by location or item.

History is recorded including latitude and longitude information with the option for geofencing transactions and recording any additional field attributes which may be necessary for the user to perform their job or to collect.

Siteline Asset Management
Asset Repair

Return & Repairs

Manage the return & repair of faulty equipment.

Businesses are able to better manage the repair process by leveraging vendor and/or manufacturer warranty and service contract data. Users are able to enter RMA data which can be leveraged to track items to and from repair.

Supporting Documents

Attaching important files to items where needed.

Add photos, videos or documents to take advantage of the time personnel is at a location and to verify information.

Supporting Documents
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