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Helping Data Centers optimize their capital and operational expenditures via asset management.

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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Track & manage your data center's assets.

Every data center strives to optimize their CAPEX and OPEX to stay competitive and succeed. This requires a disciplined approach to infrastructure management. DCIM lets you use best practices from Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) to track and manage your assets, giving you an accurate, real-time view of their useful life. This is for financial data management, analysis, dashboards and reporting.

Our Mobility+ App

The benefits of using our software.

Our Mobility+ software provides powerful, flexible and intelligent mobile scanning solutions to support DCIM. Simply use the technology already built into your mobile device to scan barcodes and upload them to your asset tracking database. 

Fulcrum Mobility+ App
Siteline App

Our Web Application

The central hub of all things asset management.

Once the data has been collected through our Mobility+ application, the data can then be managed and reconciled using Sitehound or CenterPoint, providing an overview of your assets at all points throughout their lifecycle. Our API’s and Integration Services provides then link between physical assets and financial systems to support financial analysis for reducing CAPEX. 

Managing Assets with Fulcrum

There are many reasons why choosing our software as your asset-tracking solution is the smart choice for Data Centers, but below we listed a few of them to highlight.

Project Focused

Our software gives you the option to track equipment by customer, project or both.

Track Everything & Anything

With our software, you can track assets down to the rack, blade or spot location.

Idle Equipment

Our software can identify idle equipment, allowing for it to be redeployed where you need it.

End-of-life Management

Our software lets you track and manage equipment end-of-life and maintenance contract expiration dates.

Passive Infrastructure

Our software allows you to track passive infrastructure like battery banks, diesel generators and cooling systems.

6: Mobile Front-End

Mobility+ lets you use a best-in-class mobile front-end across a variety of mobile platforms, including iOS and Android to allow easy recording of installation activity.

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Siteline App


Track anything & everything with our latest, most flexible asset management solution available. 

CenterPoint CATS ALM Software


Enterprise-level asset management software ready to start tracking assets by the  millions.

Fulcrum Mobility Plus


The ultimate asset tracking sidekick. Learn why our Mobility+ app for both iOS and Android is a must-have.

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