Enterprise-level asset tracking software.

Fulcrum CenterPoint CATS Software
CenterPoint CATS ALM Software

Collect, Track & Manage Millions of Assets

A powerful tool for large-scale asset management.

CenterPoint is a robust, web-based asset lifecycle management solution. It is used to configure and manage systems such as setting up users, role-based permissions, items, locations, and other essential assets. It also provides its users with a friendly portal for data access, querying, viewing documents and reporting. 

The Benefits of CenterPoint

CenterPoint Asset Tracking

Positive ROI

Our CenterPoint software enables asset lifecycle management best practices with proven ROI.

Real-Time Visibility

Efficient management of inventory is supported with current locations information at every stage of its life cycle. 

Asset Control

CenterPoint provides accurate asset and inventory data needed for compliance with regulatory rules (SOX, etc.).

Accessible Anywhere

CenterPoint is easy to access when and where it is needed. It also allows for quick setup to start tracking and managing your assets.

Key Features

Just a few of the many features that will help you manage and track assets.

Segmented Data

The ability to segment data and transactions by Business Unit.


Receive against Purchase Orders to verify items ordered were physically received, capturing warranty and other asset information.


Manage your supply and demand by re-using excess material or purchasing only as needed, while fulfilling order requests via the approval workflow.


Move items to and from locations, within a location or establish a parent/child relationship.


Issue return authorizations for assets, track return items and handle advanced returns.


Record who, what and when an item was installed. Including latitude and longitude information.

Audits & Reconciliations

Schedule and perform auditing activities for specific audit types and cycle counts, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Disposals / Retirements

Dispose of equipment while integrating with a financial system for asset retirements.

Data Exchange

API's for data exchange between external, third party systems.

The CenterPoint Sidekick

Mobility+, available on both iOS & Android.

CenterPoint is fully integrated with our Mobility+ mobile application to make life simple for your team when logging transactional data.

CenterPoint Mobility Routines
CenterPoint & Mobility Plus

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